The iStudyReporter RemoteCollector solution

The innovative Remote Collector Technology from up to data makes it possible to set up a continuous cross-system reporting scenario without the need for a complex data warehousing solution. iStudyReporter Remote Collector is a unifying solution for generating complex study reports based on a variety of heterogeneous database system and repositories such as LIMS, ELN, SAP, and SDMS. Remote collectors provide current data from a variety of data sources in a consistent manner according to customer specification for reporting solutions such as iStudyReporter or Crystal Reports to analyse the data.

All of the reporting and security features in iStudyReporter such as release cycles and e-signatures, audit trails and detailed authorisations an permissions are also available for consistent and thorough internal quality control. The reporting scenario developed supports individual customisation to company requirements with scalability to keep in step with corporate IT system environments while allowing efficient and transparent integration of additional solutions. Matching tools reliably identify and help avoid any redundancy in data management.

Benefits of iStudyReporter RemoteCollector

  • Synchronized and simultaneous realtime data access
  • Support for relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server...), web services and API-based systems (SAP, ELN...)
  • Logical domain data modeling
  • Repository based on user access control and simplified role-out
  • Integration with standard reporting (Crystal Reports™, Infomaker...) or systems (SharePoint...)
  • Integrated Master-Data Management (MDM) functionalities to overcome data inconsistencies

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